Hofius Family Relations

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Born July 16, 1815 unknown
Died unknown unknown
Married in April 1842 in Kamen, Prussia
Name Born Died
Wilhelm-Karl Ludwig Hofius February 14, 1843 Kamen, Prussia February 1919pod
Henriette Wilhelmine-Louise Hofius unknown Kamen, Prussia unknownpod
Friedrich Hofius dob Kamen, Prussia dodpod
Ernst August Hofius dob Kamen, Prussia dodpod
Ida Hofius July 11, 1851 Kamen, Prussia unknownpod
Sophie Ida Johanne Hofius dob Kamen, Prussia dodpod
Louis Hofius June 1855 Kamen, Prussia dodpod
Otto Hofius January 12, 1859 Kamen, Prussia November 23, 1919Belize, British Honduras
Hugo Hofius 1862 Kamen, Prussia dodpod


William Tatham Farquharson Blanche Elrington Woods
Born unknown unknown
Died Februaary 13, 1861 unknown
Married on date, location
Name Born Died
Blanche Ella Farquharson February 27, 1858 Belize, British Honduras February 2, 1953Belize, British Honduras
Percy Gower Cresswell Farquharson December 15, 1859 Belize British Honduras March 14, 1939Sydney, Australia
William Farquharson unknown place of birth dodpod

William Tatham Farquharson appears to have served as a clerk of the court and perhaps as a coroner in the 1840's He was buried on St. Georges Cay until Hurricane Hattie washed the graveyard into the sea in 1961 1303


Paul Winzerling Johanna Hemisch
Born 1830 unknown
Died unknown unknown
Married on date, location unknown
Name Born Died
Paul Winzerling unknown October 1, 1909
Johanna Winzerling unknown unknown
Louise Winzerling unknown unknown
George Winzerling August 7, 1856 Dahme, Germany June 27, 1922Mobile, AL
Alvin Wilhelm Winzerling May 18, 1858 Dahme, Germany October 27, 1930St. Louis, MO

Paul Winzerling was a merchant who died in Germany. Johanna married a second time to an Austrian (name unknown) and moved the family to Austria. 120
Paul Winzerling II and Alvin Winzerling were lieutenants in the Austrian Army before going to British Honduras.


Otto Hofius Blanche Ella Farquharson
Born January 12, 1859 February 27, 1858
Died 1919 1953
Married on April 15, 1886 at Scots Kirk, a Presbyterian Church in Belize City
Name Born Died
Ernest Johnston Hofius April 29, 1887 Belize, British Honduras November 4,1968Guatemala City, Guatemala
Blanche Ida Hofius 1889 Belize, British Honduras 1891 Belize, British Honduras
Margareta Ella Hofius 1891 Belize, British Honduras 1893 Belize, British Honduras
Louise Gladys Alice Hofius September 5, 1891 Belize, British Honduras 1970 United Kingdom
Otto Friedrich Wilhelm Hofius 1893Belize, British Honduras 1899 Belize, British Honduras
Max Travis Hofius Dec 10, 1896 Belize, British Honduras January 4,1924 Denver, Colorado, USA
Dorothea Frances Hofius September 7, 1899 Belize, British Honduras April 1, 1995 United Kingdom


William Whitmore Currie Amelia Sarah E. Casey
Born 1859 1860
Died unknown 1899
Married in 1888 in London
Name Born Died
Allan Walker Currie 1888 Belize,British Honduras dodpod
Marie Currie 1890 place of birth dodpod
Elspeth Currie dob place of birth dodpod

The 1891 Middlesex Census lists William W. Currie as being born in Dover in Kent and his occupation was as a journalist-author.
The census lists Sarah Casey Currie as being born in Hackney, London.
Sarah Currie died at the Age of 40 in Essex Hertfordshire according to the Civil Registration.


Theodore Demel Eleanor Hiemesch
Born unknown unknown
Died unknown unknown
Married on date, location unknown
Name Born Died
Josephine Marie Demel dob Austria dodpod
Eleanor Demel September 29, 1861 Vienna/Wien Austria December 1932Mobile, AL
Martha Demel dob Austria dodpod
Max Demel dob Austria dodpod
August Demel dob Austria dodBritish Honduras

Max Demel was granted 90 acres on the banks of Stann Creek in the 1880's - 90's. Theodore Demel lived only a few months after arriving in British Honduras when he suffered a stroke and died.120
Max Demel went back to Austria and married the Countess Rhone from Rhonanu.120


James Alfred Hylton Ellen Farquharson
Born dob dob
Died dod dod
Married on date, location
Name Born Died
Jane Hylton 1891 British Honduras dodpod
Ellen Wilhelmina Hylton June 6, 1894 Belize dodpod


Henry Gansz Johanna Winzerling
Born dob dob
Died dod dod
Married on date, location
Name Born Died

Henry Gansz was a merchant in Belize who owned the Gansz Department Store.
George Winzerling worked for Gansz as a bookkepper. Johanna Winzerling married Henry Gansz while visiting her brother George in Belize. Gansz was much older than Johanna. When Gansz died she when back to Germany leaving the store in the hands of George.120


Hoffman Martha Demel
Married on ?
Name Born Died
Theodore Hoffman dob British Honduras
Carl Hoffman dob British Honduras dodpod
Fritz Hoffman dob British Honduras dod

Martha Demel owned a plantation called Freedou near Stann Creek.
Fritz Hoffman had a daughter Martha Hoffman who married Jim Blake (Son of James Howell Blake aka Papa Blake).120


George Winzerling Eleanor Demel
Born August 7, 1856 September 29, 1861
Died June 27, 1922 December 16,1932
Married on March 10, 1885
Name Born Died
Eleanor Winzerling 1886 Belize, British Honduras May 1969Guatemala City, Guatemala
Antonia Winzerling December 3, 1888 Belize British Honduras March 31, 1976Mobile, AL
Elizabeth Winzerling May 7, 1891 Belize British Honduras February 9, 1962 Opelousas, LA
George Winzerling Jr August 7, 1892 Belize, British Honduras January 1970 Detroit Michigan
Richard Winzerling dob Belize, British Honduras dodBelize, British Honduras


Paul Winzerling Unknown
Born Unknown Unknown
Died October 1, 1909 Unknown
Name Born Died
Harry William Winzerling British Honduras Unknown
Emile Otto Winzerling
Anna Amalia Winzerling Unknown Unknown


Ernest Johnston Hofius Eleanor Winzerling
Born April 29, 1887 1886
Died November 4, 1968 1969
Married in Citronelle Alabama (Mobile County) on June 27, 1917.
Name Born Died
George Otto Hofius October 25, 1920 Belize, British Honduras May 20, 1979Guatemala City, Guatemala
Ernestine Blanche Eleanor Hofius May 24, 1924 Belize, British Honduras November 25, 2009 Duarte, CA

Ernest Hofius went by the name E.J.1303
Eleanor Winzerling Hofius spoke fluent german however when they were at home her husband would speak to her in german and she would reply in english.1404


Max Travis Hofius Elspeth Currie
Born December 10, 1896 unknown
Died January 4, 1924 February 3, 1983
Married on October 17, 1923 in Belize, British Honduras
Name Born Died

Max Hofius attended Shattuck Military School and studied to be a mining engineer at the Colorado School of Mines. After graduating he went back to Belize and Married Elspeth and got a job in Denver. Max Hofius died as a result of injuries he sustained in a gas explosion in his home in Denver, Colorado. His wife Elspeth was also injured but survived. They had only been married a short time.
Elspeth remarried around 1934 to John Ronald Howie in Scotland and had two children, Elizabeth and Margaret.


Allan Walker Currie Gladys Hofius
Born 1887 September 5, 1891
Died July 23, 1949unknown 1970
Married in 1911 in Belize, British Honduras
Name Born Died
Gladys Margaret Currie (Peggy) 1921 Belize, British Honduras livingpod
Helen Mary Currie (Molly) dob place of birth dodpod
Elspeth Dorothea Currie dob place of birth dodpod
Max Allan Currie December 10, 1912 place of birth 1998United Kingdom

Max Allan Currie (Buz)- Chartered Accountant was a Major in the British Army in World War 2.
Elspeth Dorothea Currie (Betty)- Theatre Stage Manager
Helen Mary Currie (Molly)
Gladys Margaret Currie (Peggy) - Professional Ballet Dancer.


Percy Reaney Beatrice Elliott
Born 1878 1885
Died Unknown Unknown
Married on date, location Unknown
Name Born Died
Marion Reaney 1909 UK dodpod
Edward Reaney 1911 UK February 13, 1942Singapore
Philip Reaney 1919 UK Unknownpod


George Clinton was born in Barbados and died in British Honduras.

George Aubrey Clinton Antonia Winzerling
Born December 4, 1882 December 3, 1888
Died 1917 March 1976
Married on May10, 1906
Name Born Died
Eleanor Clinton dob British Honduras dodpod
Edna Clinton 1910 British Honduras July 2000Mobile, AL
Miriam Louise Clinton June 4, 1911 British Honduras dodpod
Antonia had a second marriage to Edward Bradt


Edward Bradt Antonia Winzerling
Born unknown December 3, 1888
Died unknown March 1976
Married on date, location
Name Born Died

Occupations according to 1930 U.S. Census Edward Bradt (Cafe Manager), Antonia Winzerling (Railroad Office Clerk), Edna Clinton (Railroad Office Accountant).
There is an immigration record for Antonia Marie Bradt from 1929 from Alabama.


Samuel Lewis Blase Eleanor Clinton
Born December 24, 1908 dob
Died January 17, 1997 dod
Married on date, location
Name Born Died
Childs name dob place of birth dodpod
Childs name dob place of birth dodpod
Childs name dob place of birth dodpod

Sam and Nell Blase had three sons.1404


James Owen Hall Dorothea Frances Hofius
Born unknown September 7, 1899
Died unknown April 1, 1995
Married on 1925 in Belize, British Honduras
Name Born Died
Barbara Kay Hall London, England Living

James Hall was in the British Colonial Service. In Belize he was director of Telegraphs. Other postings include Trinidad- Tobago and Nigeria.1303
Barbara Hall was born in the house of her Aunt, Gladys Hofius Currie in London 1303


Harry William Winzerling Jane Hylton
Born unknown June 16, 1891
Died unknown unknown
Married on date, location unknown
Name Born Died
Elizabeth Lucy Winzerling January 28, 1930 Maternity Ward Belize Hospital Belize, British Honduras unknownpod

Harry W. Winzerling lived in Hillbank of the Orangewalk District of British Honduras. During the 1920's He contributed speciemens and notes to the Smithsonian Institution and the New York Botanical Garden.1500


Christopher Ludwig Mengis Elizabeth Winzerling
Born July 11, 1877 May 7, 1891
Died July 10, 1958 February 9, 1962
Married on Apr 29, 1910 in Belize, British Honduras
Name Born Died
Frances Marion Elizabeth Mengis August 12, 1915 Norwood, LA May 15, 1999St. James Place- Baton Rouge, LA
Dorothy Eleanor Louise Mengis April 6, 1911 British Honduras September 15, 2004 Ferriday, LA
Carol Loraine Mengis March 6, 1915 King, LA dodpod
Margaret Grace Antonia Mengis October 13, 1921 place of birth dodpod
Christopher Ludwig Mengis July 6, 1924 Monroe, LA dodpod
Warren Lassiter Mengis November 20, 1926 Monroe, LA dodpod

Elizabeth Winzerling known as Elsie to family members 1303 Christopher Mengis born in Vicksburg, MS and died July 10, 1958 in Opelousas, LA
Christopher L. Mengis born July 6, 1924 married Marie Goodspeed


George Otto Hofius Gloria Yolanda Castaneda
Born October 25, 1920 1923
Died May 20, 1979 October 2, 2008
Married on December 11, 1942
Name Born Died
George Ernest Hofius February 18, 1944 Belize, British Honduras livingUSA
Robert Denny Hofius June 10, 1947 Belize, British Honduras livingUSA
Michael Tracy Hofius May 30, 1954 Belize, British Honduras livingUSA

George Otto Hofius was known as Otto to his family and friends.
Gloria Castenada Hofius was born in La Ceiba, Honduras. She had two brothers Maurice Castenada and Tulio Castenada. Tulio married Helen Maestre Yates.


John Greenwood Edna Clinton
Born dob 1910
Died dod July 2000
Married on date, location
Name Born Died
Clinton Greenwood dob place of birth dodpod
Rodney Greenwood dob place of birth dodpod
Kenneth Greenwood dob place of birth dodpod


Sim B. Shattuck SR. Frances Marion Elizabeth Mengis
Born September 1, 1921 August 12, 1915
Died dod May 15, 1999
Married on date, location
Name Born Died
Sim B. Shattuck Jr dob place of birth dodpod
Frank Shattuck dob place of birth dodpod
Patricia Shattuck dob place of birth dodpod
Marion Shattuck dob place of birth dodpod

Married name Betty Mengis Shattuck. was a retired school teacher . Lived in Sicily Island, LA for 23 years then moved to Baton Rouge. Masters degree in English from Louisiana State University.