George Winzerling and his family

Paul Winzerling and Johanna Hemisch had 5 children who were born in Germany. Paul, George, Alvin, Lisbeth and Johanna. Paul Winzerling was apparently a successful merchant in Germany who left his family comfortably off when he died Johanna Hemisch Winzerling remarried an Austrian and moved her family to Austria where they all became citizens.

From an old tintype photo - From left to Right George Winzerling, his mother, and Brother Alvin Winzerling. Courtesy of Mimi Fearn.

From an old tintype Photo - From left to Right George Winzerling, his mother, and Brother Alvin Winzerling

Alvin and Paul Winzerling became lieutenants in the Austrian Army while George Winzerling studied Architecture at a University. Johanna's new husband lost her money in a bad investment and died soon after. George Winzerling was called back to provide for the family. Johanna had since returned to Germany George Winzerling got a job as a bookkeeper in a flour mill in Breslau, Germany.

Paul the eldest brother was deep into debt and since his family could no longer afford to bail him out he deserted the Austrian Army and boarded a sailing ship leaving the country.120 After he arrived in British Honduras he wrote his family about the wealth and opportunity there, statements that were probably more boast than fact.

George Winzerling disliked his job in the flour mill. He left Germany for Belize British Honduras to seek his fortune around 1890. There he accepted a job as Bookkeeper at Henry Gansz's Store. George's sister Johanna visited him in Belize where she met Henry Gansz and married him. Ship manifest from New York indicate that George's brother Alvin and his family moved to belize in 1892. Henry Yanz was much older than Johanna. When he died she returned to Germany where she lived the rest of her life. Alvin Winzerling while a lieutenant in the Austrian Army became engaged to and married Josephine Demel. She was one of five children of Theodore Demel and Eleanor Hiemesch, they were Max Demel , Eleanor, Josephine, Martha and August

 George Winzerling and Eleanor Demel Winzerling

In the latter part of the 19th century, the Demels were a well off family of stature in Vienna, Austria. Theodore Demel the patriarch worked as an executive for the Government owned railroads living in a house in Vienna, as well as having a farming estate in Katchitz. However this changed according to Antonia Winzerling Brandt when Theodore Demel's wife Eleanor invested the family's assets with a friend of the family that subsequently fled the country, no doubt with the money. They lost their estate but Theodore Demel still owned their house in town and retained his position with the government. It is unclear whether the family was in dire enough financial straits to force them to emigrate but emigrate they did. The family sold what possesions they had and left Austria with the full intention of making their fortune in America and returning. The ship's manifest for the for the Amsterdam Sailing from Rotterdam to New York City indicates that Alvin Winzerling, his wife Josephine , his children and his mother in-law arrived on October 3, 1892 No mention is made of Theodore Demel, his son Max or August but they may have travelled ahead. Max Demel had obtained a 90 acre farm on the banks of Stann Creek but it is unlikely that he had an opportunity to work it since he died of a stroke a few months after arriving in British Honduras, his son August died soon after. Max Demel Jr is said to have returned to Austria and married the Countess Rhone from Rhonanu. Martha Demel married a Mr. Hoffman who owned a plantation next to the one owned by Max Demel in Stann Creek The Hoffman's had three boys, Theodore, Carl and Fritz.

 George Winzerling and his Family Standing on the Balcony of his store in Belize Winzerling Children - From left to right; Eleanor, Antonia, Elizabeth, George Jr

Alvin Winzerling appears to have partnered with his brother George to open the Winzerling Brothers Store only two doors down from Gansz store. Alvin Winzerling's brother George married Josephine's sister Eleanor Demel. For a time Alvin Winzerling and his family lived next door to His Brother George and his Family in Belize City.

 Circa 1900 Seated on chairs George and Eleanor Demel Winzerling ;On steps Antonia, George Jr, Elizabeth and Eleanor Winzerling.

Elizabeth Winzerling Born May 7, 1891 Married Christopher Ludwig Mengis on Apr 29, 1910 in Belize. Died February 9, 1962 in Opelousas, LA George and Alvin Winzerling moved their families to the U.S. in 1912 likely for health reasons. George moved to Citronelle, AL and then eventually to Mobile Alabama where he died on June 27, 1922. Alvin and his family moved to St. Louis, MO. He died on October 27, 1930. Eleanor Demel lived with her daughter Antonia and son in law Edward Bradt in Mobile, AL until her death on December 16, 1932.